Sweet Balance

You craft the life you desire. It takes a lifetime to create a life. It takes 50 years to be 50 years old. Eventually, you learn that sweet balance gives birth to sweet days. Whatever amount of energy and work you put in, will be reflected upon you, whether it is at work, your spirituality, … Continue reading Sweet Balance

Before it is too Late

I met a sweet elderly lady yesterday who lost her mother a few months ago in the battle with a chronic disease. In her memory, she wrote a script that she will be filming in Colorado. She showed me 2 minutes of the video. A very sentimental collection of her mother’s vintage pictures, possessions, and … Continue reading Before it is too Late

Creating a Courageous Generation: “For the Love of Patterns”

Photo Credits: May Mohamad The defect lies in the gap between “doctrines” and “practice”. Ambiguity and existential crises stem out from that gap! this is where “title-following” and copying whoever, results. I believe that not before the early twenties and after we see enough examples that build our courage and confidence, we become comfortable with … Continue reading Creating a Courageous Generation: “For the Love of Patterns”

A Vibrant Being

The world is in an immense need for “real” beings. Those who laugh until their faces wrinkle. Those who speak up and share their stories until they go hoarse. Those who work until they develop physical and mental calluses and finally, those who relax as if they dropped dead. Simply, those who are active, reactive, … Continue reading A Vibrant Being

The Power of Nostalgia

Locking present moments with positivity and giggles is a track that prints happy thoughts in your mind. A bouquet of beautiful memories, well-irrigated with energy, fueled with care, and wrapped with good will, is all that you need when challenges hit you hard. It is magical how your brain can swing you between different stations … Continue reading The Power of Nostalgia