Be Where Your Feet Are

    Today, I followed my train of thought. It took me to the conclusion that maturity is age independent. The mainstream is that a couple of grey hairs here and there denote that you are growing older. Fine wrinkles when you laugh give that notion, as well! Holding a position and living on your [...]


No Matter What, Please Don’t Swallow the “UKSO”!

You are what you ingest! For some, a 10-pound burger with a large shake is the worst combo you could eat. To others, aspartame and preservatives are equally malignant. But, have you ever thought what is the most unhealthy content you could swallow? I call it the “UKSO”, the Universal Killer of Self and Others. [...]

As Long As We Accept Machine Errors, Why Don’t We Accept Human Ones?

  It took me some time to realize that there is nothing termed "perfect". More precisely, it was a big fat mistake when I waited for the perfect moment to execute an action. Being stuck in a project/ situation/ level is an unpleasant feeling. Seeking the "perfect" words to say, the "prefect" project to submit, [...]