Before being a physician and a researcher, I am a millennial in the process of understanding this huge world.  I am on the way of discovering myself and the world around me. I will take your hand and together we will embrace the positivity of this planet. To me, I think this is the only route to being a qualified functioning personnel!

I am a doctor, researcher, thinker, traveler, adventurer, photographer, feminist, and a humanitarian. This blog serves as a platform to present some of my thoughts, real-time experiences, and adventures. Because I can not help it but to delve into medical topics, I will provide some tips on how to attain better health. Additionally, I will highlight some of the healthcare aspects that don’t gain the attention of individuals and societies. Either way, I will let my babies “ideas” see the light. I hope that they set a blueprint for a better self and a better surrounding.

Every post will be coupled to picture taken by my lens.  The visual aid will reinforce the positive take-home message weaved into my words. Each post will be concluded with simple words to guide you into an illuminated trail. 

I hope through blogging I can contribute even to a minor change rendering our earth a better place!


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