Engineering a Happy Life

Maintaining a daily level of joy is a matter of choice. It is like an internal clock that you set to ensure you are exuding with energy. I have always been on the look for what can augment our sense of happiness and I found out these are the pillars: 1. Taking our time to create a [...]


The Power of Nostalgia

Locking present moments with positivity and giggles is a track that prints happy thoughts in your mind. A bouquet of beautiful memories, well-irrigated with energy, fueled with care, and wrapped with good will, is all that you need when challenges hit you hard. It is magical how your brain can swing you between different stations [...]

No Matter What, Please Don’t Swallow the “UKSO”!

You are what you ingest! For some, a 10-pound burger with a large shake is the worst combo you could eat. To others, aspartame and preservatives are equally malignant. But, have you ever thought what is the most unhealthy content you could swallow? I call it the “UKSO”, the Universal Killer of Self and Others. [...]