Getting into the “ing-ing” Zone

Back when I was in elementary school, my favorite tense was the present tense. Verbs ending with “ing” are the most vibrant. Aren’t they? They reflect motion and progress. After all, who does not want that? I am certain that almost everyone would pay a fortune to get himself/ herself in the momentum.

Establishing the mindset might need some zen, certain rituals, or even self-talk!. Nevertheless, you should not spend too much time being stuck, there. There is something so tempting about that zone. After so much experience of being stuck, I can tell that it gives a false sense of satisfaction and yields little efficiency. The ample time spent planning and designing your future path could go purposelessly when you allow overthinking. Think of a wild horse when you start this process. If you let it go without training it, it will wander off for hours and hours thinking that it is free and finally fall into a moment of tiredness because of all the running. The same scenario applies to your brain.  What you need here is a “taming program”. This only happens when you start taking an action.

But, How can you follow up the moment of plan creation with a moment of immediate action?

  1. Prepare your to-do list a day, or even a week,  ahead: It saves time and limits your brain from wandering aimlessly.
  2. Keep your list short and sweet: you don’t want to create a long long list. I used to do that. Every time I add one task, I imagine the list as a giant frog’s tongue that might pull me through its tummy!
  3. Don’t overthink it: It is crunch time. Go ahead, jump on that first task of yours and get it done. It is a catalyst that will get you through the rest.
  4. Adjust your rhythm to ticking off the list: Start with the ugliest frog, as Brian Tracy says. Finishing the hardest task helps you beat procrastination and face your fears. Moreover, it provides you with real satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.
  5. Avoid distractors: Put your cell phone in an airplane mode while you are working. Tie your task to a limited time. Choose your productivity angels. For me, they are background noise, a mist diffuser, a cozy back cushion, and most importantly a spacious place where I can see people in motion! Can I tell you a secret? “Libraries kill me with their silence.” Your case might be different. Just find whatever put you in your “ing-ing” Zone.
  6. Celebrate small achievements: This creates a mental boost of energy and sets a milieu of positive reinforcement.

Finally, just keep going and do what you should do. That very first decision will be the driving force that puts your dreams before your eyes. This is why once you hit the spot, every step becomes preparatory to the one after. Keep your dreams alive and go hunt the opportunities.


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