As Long As We Accept Machine Errors, Why Don’t We Accept Human Ones?


It took me some time to realize that there is nothing termed “perfect”. More precisely, it was a big fat mistake when I waited for the perfect moment to execute an action. Being stuck in a project/ situation/ level is an unpleasant feeling. Seeking the “perfect” words to say, the “prefect” project to submit, the “perfect” atmosphere to perform falls under a naïve reaction towards a mission.
I came down to the realization that knowing that there is a chance of error and a room for modification makes things so much easier. The flow of execution goes smoothly and the curve of performance rises immensely. It is not that only, but, the feedback comes positive, too. Unlike the common misconception; perfection yields success!!
Every time you feel burdened with this little monster, just kill the thought of it by remembering that even a machine could do wrong. As long as we accept machine errors, why don’t we accept human ones? Relax, that’s OK! Love yourself for every error you make! After-all, it signifies that you are dynamic and this is how you will learn.


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