5,4,3,2,1…Don’t Let Anxiety Seep in!




I can guarantee that no one is psyched up all the time. No one is pumping with passion at overtime of the day. No one is exuding with supreme dedication and motivation 24/7.

Just when you feel down, you have to bring up all the energy you are left with  into motion to pull you up. There is no other choice but to counteract that force that resists your success. Anxiety feeds on your energy. Don’t let it! just put it into starvation. I know it is a pure mental drain! a pure waste of all the positivity. Sometimes, it is a struggle. Because it is inevitable, it is OK to feel it for one hour or even two but, don’t let it sit there all day and devour your passion.

 Amidst all the distractors and noises, listen to your own voice and know what your body is telling you. If you cannot focus, now, just relax, take a deep breath and try to zone out. Leave your work space go for a five minute walk in the hallway or even if you can leave the whole building.
I came up with few strategies that could kill my anxiety in few minutes. What I do is listen to my favorite saxophone beat “no man no cry”, have a vial of lavender essential oil with me, chew winter-mint gum, and color my adult coloring book that is full of butterflies with intricate patterns. Also, I don’t forget to exercise on a regular basis and hydrate myself well, daily. Additionally, I found out that visiting mother nature is quite beneficial. Actually, any green spot I have next to my building is sufficient! if not, I get a plant/flower pot to my office! But, most importantly, I don’t forget to activate my senses. I found “grounding” to be pretty useful.
Grounding helps me to countdown and wave goodbye to that little demon.
5: I find five things to see.
4: I find 4 things to touch.
3: I find 3 things to listen to.
2: I find 2 things you can smell.
1: I find one thing to taste.
Now, when the anxiety kicks in, I don’t surrender, I fight it with all the weapons I have got. In a nutshell, connect, connect, and connect. Connect with you body and soul. A robust relationship between your mind and body is not a myth! It could be the most vital skill that if you invest time enriching it, it will bring you the all the positivity and productivity out, there.

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