Bloom Better Than a Tulip

Whatever you think of now, will be you in the future. However, It’s amazing or should I say it’s shocking how one is supposed to know who he/she is destined to be at the age of 18!
I believe it is not until you are a quarter century of age that you would be able to understand yourself, preferences, habits (including your eating schedule/ sleeping pattern)! Experimenting in yourself, in terms of testing different milieus, different regimes, different circumstances is vital to help you not only discover your strengths and weakness, but also, place you where you belong! Only by the, you will bloom better than a tulip!
Take your time to know yourself, then, find who (friend/ partner/ mentor/ supporter) will amplify that in you and what (job/ hobby..) will solidify that foundation.
Mark Anthony says: “Find yourself first, what you love, what turns you on, and how to be in peace. Then, never settle for anyone who does not compliment you and give you even more of what you already have”.

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