Seek the Why and How!


We spend our lifetime learning.

With time, we discover that nothing comes easy. No one is born with anything. What we used to think is trivial has a special way to be done. It is all acquires, nothing is innate!

The “best way to do something” applies to everything:
Holding a book does not make you a learner! Studying has its own methodology. Practicing whatever sport, religion, life style does not make you a guru! You should find out why and how to do it! Eating, breathing,taking care of someone has its own techniques, too!

Too bad that these principles are not taught at school or college! The thrill we get graduating high school or a degree is illusive. It does not make us who we are supposed to be.

In life, we are everlasting learners. It takes a whole lifetime to master our reasons. Nevertheless, those reasons are worth investing our time in!


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