A Little Bostonian Jar (1min read)



She asked: “What does this remind you of”?

I replied: “Home”.

She nodded and said: “Voila! Exactly”.

This tiny dialogue followed a prolonged conversation about mental health and mental illness. Raising awareness to this topic is of utmost importance to have a lively and blooming society. It is of high vitality to save ourselves from the trap of stressors and aggravators. Likewise, it’s crucial in order to save souls of those whom we love and those who we don’t know, yet, as well.

It goes without saying that in the developing world, it is a “classified file” that receives little public attention.

On a brighter note, how would you feel if someone older, more experienced than you simplified the codes of life. I mean this life does not come with a manual. It would be of extreme help, if he/she can offer you tips and take your hand all the way. Afterwards, I am sure, all what u’ll do is pay it forward to the community and help other through their adulthood process!

This jar is a set of wires that are connected to blue bulbs. The wires resemble people dancing. The bulbs signify ideas. My Venezuelan/American friend, who owns the jar and travels with it, says: “Ideas are perfectly imperfect and they all fit into this jar!”.


2017-04-02 17.00.14.jpg


  • This picture was taken on April 2nd, 2017. A lovely sunny day after early April snow.
  • Location: Equal Exchange coffee shop in Boston, MA.
  • A cool notion: This is the first time I visit this coffee shop. The name ” Equal Exchange” perfectly fits to the content of the dialogue…exchange of ideas and tips!




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