Ladies and Gentlemen, “Can you Please Bring me my OLD Colors Back”? (1 min read)

IMG_3912 copy.jpg
Being a kid, I thought that the ultimate pleasure was in drawing and painting. A perfect scenario would be: “A house with a pointed roof and a big lamp hanging from the ceiling and some flying V-shaped birds” or “Mom and dad, along with little us, having a picnic between some nearby trees” or “friends playing and running here and there”. Maybe, the painting was the most spectacular little thing, where you can make your own decision of colors based on a clear cut between right and wrong. The painting would speak for itself. You were able to fabricate your own thoughts and tiny little dreams; not shaped by any other power, but the power of your own imagination. You were able to focus and decide without being influenced by events and “imposed” choices. The choice was merely yours. Perhaps everything was crystal clear for the little mind I had. The right was obvious and wrong was too!.
But, who knew this would be the reality? “Perfect” was swapped by the “gray zone”; right and wrong offspring, at the hospital of “personal interest”. Hey! ‘grey zone” needs no introduction! I know it, you know it, everyone else knows it! In fact, we have it shadowing us or shall I say leading…?!
My childhood colors were sincere, but “the adulthood” ones just betrayed me! I wouldn’t call them mine! You might be confused. So, let me put it this way:
Back then, red was for roses and hearts, now it is for blood. White was for snow, now it is for peace. Black was for the sky at night, but now it is for death. Blue was for skies, now it is for seas that gulp children corps. Yellow was for bees and stars, now it is for lifejackets. green was for the grass, now it is for a probably close island. violet was for grapes, now it is for the drowned faces!!
No color is still the same. Every color imprints an event, mostly an unpleasant one. Coloring pens lost their sense of warmth and had the euphoria, provided at the end of a painting, shattered. Currently, no color can match the set I used to use as a kid….. I wish I am still a kid! 


This picture was taken in March 2016.
Location: Monument to The Immigrant, New Orleans, Louisiana.  

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