“Spread Your Roots Underneath The Bars & Break That Jail” (1min read)

IMG_6998 copy.jpg

I asked:“How do u describe your life in jail”?
He replied: “Well, how do u think one’s life is in a jail?! a segment of intestine would lose its viability in 6 hours if strangulated! but I am here, incarcerated since forever and it is like a slow death….like an old lousy snake smothering its victim slowly. I am locked in a predefined place, the same walls every day, everything is repeated over and over, again and again!”. “But hey! why are you asking? If you think I am the only one who is limited, you are mistaken because I have seen you in that jail too!”
As stated in the dictionary a jail is “a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody; specifically: such a place under the jurisdiction of a local government (as a county) for the confinement of persons awaiting trial or those convicted of minor crimes”. But, I can tell that, just like any disease which could have different symptoms, jails could be atypical and the prison officers vary from one place to another and from one situation to the other.
To elaborate more, one single bite from a bowl of destructive judgment and critic can put you behind bars. It is not necessarily a physical jail with bland gray bars! but it could be a jail of negative thoughts. It is colder, harsher, and more paralyzing! Hence, watch your mouths dudes! Tongues lack bones but could smash bones and souls.
From a different angle: ”Have you ever thought that you could be the convicted and the judge at the same time? Sounds lunatic! But, yeah!! It is even highly likely! Keeping that movie of negativity rolling on and on in your head does nothing but filing you charges you are not even aware of and accusing you of stuff you have not even committed. This is will not be over! Do you know why? because the judge is the worst on earth! He/she is not merciful at all! Why again? because the judge is YOU!
In a nutshell, Don’t be harsh on yourself; you are not a machine! Don’t be afraid of your own shine! You are not ashes yet! your shine won’t burn, it is meant to be there for sparkle and glory! give yourself a chance to live and love and be loved and set that good soul free. Don’t worry, it will only drag you down! Every day is a fresh new start with a bunch of new resolutions. Welcome your new you with every dawn. Let your aroma wrap your surrounding. SPREAD YOUR ROOTS UNDERNEATH THE BARS & BREAK THAT JAIL.


  • This picture was taken in March 2017.
  • Location: Singapore. 

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