My Hunger Masterpieces (2min read)

 No, I won’t call myself a chef. 
I am more of a foodie, who cannot curb her appetite for food design. Most of the times, I can not look at a plate unless it is vibrant with colors. I can not hold it in my hand unless it is screaming with content. 

I discovered my passion for food decoration when I first moved out! Not only thousands of miles away but also oceans and mountains stood between me and my hometown; where my warm cozy home is.

Sometimes, I believe that it was a chance for me to discover my deep self, my “buried” sense of creativity, my craziness about colors, and my intense love for butterflies and nature. At others, I think it was a sign of a virtual sense of connectedness to my family.
Either way, I think food reached out for me to craft some eye-catching plates.
Those plates provided me with satiety, even before I taste the first bite!

Here’s a snapshot about my food designs, or, as I call them: “My Hunger Masterpieces”.


Muesli, strawberries, blueberries, green apples, dried apricot, plain yogurt constituted the body. Antennae were made by Japanese rice cracker fragments.

I am a bowl of soup inspired by nature! 

Vege soup. The flower was made by tomato skin. Mint was used for leaves.

Radiating Omlette. 

On a shiny day, all I needed was a kick of energy. So, I transformed my omelet into a radiating one. On the periphery, I put wasabi based crackers.  

A happy night!

Rice cake for the face. Blackberry jam for the eyes. Dried mint for the smile. A collar of pomegranate and oats. The base was grilled Halloumi cheese.

My fruit burger. 

Avocado is used instead of the bun. A whole clementine was used rather than meat.a slice of a red apple was used instead of tomatoes. Mango cubes resemble a bridge, under which, pomegranate is tossed. Kiwi and oranges are used for decoration!

Oven-kissed pizza! 

Tomato paste, basil, oregano, minced garlic for the sauce. Green pepper, sliced mushrooms, corn, and mozzarella cheese are on top.

Black Tea for a healthy heart!
No recipe is not always required for a yummy plate!

I used diced tomato, zucchini, minced beef, and onions for the top. The base is spiral macaroni. 

Just a happy yogurt bowl! 
Berry Feast.

Happily ever after this berry feast. Berries, raisins, muesli, dried apricots. Strawberry smoothie. Yogurt with a sprinkle of the special Aleppo thyme.  

Homemade wheat burgers. 

Wheat crackers, sweet smoky boneless chicken bites, hot habareno cheddar cheese, honey roasted BBQ sauce, and greens. 

Portabello Mushroom. 

Stuffing: diced tomatoes, green pepper, and onions.  Black olive slices on top of a bed of mozzarella cheese. Salad aside with baby carrots, avocado, Hummus, and olives.


Balls of toast with cheese topping. The stuffing has spinach and diced tomatoes. Spinach leaves aside. Tomato sauce drizzled in olive oil, a pinch of salt, and oregano!

Tip for life:  We all have a chemistry toward something! Find it and cultivate it. 


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