No Reason to be Happy? Create one! (3min read)


Six p.m marked the end of a rough day. Eventually, I got home and wanted a kick of energy. I Filled up the espresso machine, waited a bit, grabbed my laptop, and returned back to the counter. That day, the espresso machine gave me a gift! My mug talked to me and left me with the best message ever. I will remember it till the day I die. When a smile was drawn on the face of my cup of coffee, I got automatically super delighted and forgot how rough that day was! I mirrored the expression of that cup. Whoever said that a smile is contagious was perfectly right!”If the smile of a coffee cup did this, what would my smile do to others?!”. This was the first thought that came to my mind. 

Seek a healthy lifestyle: 
Focusing all your energy on picking up the negatives does not fall under the umbrella of a healthy living. I have not heard of any rule that says: one should work 24/7, worship 24/7, or get him/herself immersed in a cloud of anger and boredom. No higher powers ask one to be disconnected from any form of responsible joy and fun.

Learning how to have good times is a prerequisite to survive. By moderation, only, one can seek a better self and a better life. Failure to do so not only affects the productivity at multiple levels but also, the physical and mental wellbeing. Mental health demands a full commitment to breaking the circle of aggressions; both micro and macro.

Whether we like it or not, whether we allow it or not, an era like this one gives these aggressions a supersonic access to your one and only treasure; your mind!. These can sneak into our lives and destroy what we are meant to do. They have the power to abort any dream before it sees the light.

Don’t you wake up with hope to get into a clearer state of mind? Don’t you wake up with an intent to be a better person and accomplish what you should do? Don’t you hope that every weekend gives birth to a fruitful and cheerful upcoming baby week? Don’t you start every month with a new will? Don’t wait for the new year eve to change. What’s wrong with doing so every single day? Where is the crime in having faith and determination jotted down as a daily resolution? How would you feel if these wishes turned into facts? What kind of reflection would this have upon yourself and others? A purely positive one. Only with positivity, this earth can be a good place to live!

Hence, I find it “crippling” not to celebrate every single happy moment. I find it “depressing” to ask someone to weep and mourn his/her past, 365 days! What sort of self-destructing and negativity-inflicting state of mind is this?

Let’s celebrate every minute achievement. Let’s rejoice every birthday, baby shower, friendship, anniversary, etc. If you don’t find one, create one! Take nothing for granted. Take a sneak-peak over your life and you will, certainly, find a reason to be happy. You will find happiness in the little things around you once you open your eyes wide.  John Lubbock once said:”What we see depends mainly on what we look “.

Keeping in mind, that going over actions/ inactions of each and every is crucial to make the most of one’s time, I find it legit to celebrate, liberate oneself and enjoy one’s life to the fullest!.

  • This picture was taken after a rough day in June 2016.
  • Location: My kitchen counter, my apartment, USA. 

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