A Winged Warrior! (1 min read)


My humble 26 years of age got me to realize that nothing and no one in the world is capable of lifting you up if you don’t have willpower and that decisive moment to do it yourself.

I have stopped coffee intake, cold turkey, one week ago. Everybody who knows me really well knows that I had a special relationship with my cup of coffee for the past 7 years.

Almost 5 cups a day if it is American and countless kettles if it is a Turkish one. It was all about the “hardcore” black coffee. No cream, no flavors, no nothing. I came down to the realization that it is not the coffee that puts your feet where they should be. It is not any stimulant out there. The stimulant should be “in” there. I came down to the realization that if it is easy, it is not worth it. I came down to the realization that if you seek anything beyond “mediocre”, it will not be simple.

Was it easy to leave that sacred and safe womb? Not at all. Was it a piece of cake to take your 1st breath and pop your lungs open? Not at all. It is such a chivalrous act from a 2 pounds creature! But it was the time of it. It was back then or never. It is easier said than done! but the thought itself provides you with the insight that you have been a brave warrior long time ago. You were born to fight. One thing to keep in mind is that your breaths, your heart beats, and your energy are all limited. That’s why one of the most important adulthood lessons I learned is knowing where to dissipate is crucial to managing one’s life. What battles to choose and what others to leave is equally important, as well. Again, it is easier said than done!. But you have the key and you have the choice.

Finally, don’t forget about your wings! no one could convince you they exist unless you see them and feel them yourself…


This picture was taken in August 2016.
Location: Orlando Park, Toledo, Ohio. 


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