Mr. B

IMG_5504On a dewy morning, I woke up to a scene of a trash can that threw up its contents, right and left. Longitudinal centimetric scratch marks decorated the white lavender-scented trash bag. My thought process went as: “Who did this? It must be a savage stray cat who was both hungry and bold.”

Back again to the kitchen. The microwave was beeping; marking the readiness of my favorite morning meal. A bowl of oatmeal drizzled in plain yogurt and garnished with screaming red strawberry chunks, plump blueberry, thin slices of granny smith apples, and a handful of almonds, pistachio, and few raisins. The morning is not there yet without my “eye-opener” dark green mug of medium roast black coffee. Grabbing these two in my hands, I opened the squeaky mosquito net door frame by my torso and left leg and then close it with my right. 

I placed my bowl and mug next to the beautiful and gigantic succulent pot. Then, I grabbed the chair, tapped the cushion twice, and sat to have my breakfast in the coziest spot in my friend’s house; the back porch. A close chittering broke the musical Ohio birds’ chirping.

Looking up at the largest backyard tree, the fluffiest golden squirrel I have ever seen showed up. With an astonished stare, I found out that he is the one! he was the mini burglar who stole a bagel from the trash bag! Woohoo! the suspect was no more unknown. 

I rushed to my room, took the stairs in no time, and reached out for my Canon EOS 600D to shed light on the creature who sabotaged and disturbed the back porch serenity. ” Mr. B”, our cute burglar was absolutely motionless. No fidgeting! Oh my god! this will be my best animal shots! . I believe he was blown out with that bagel. It must have been a trophy to counteract supreme hunger. 

The camera click concluded my ecstatic feeling. Indeed it was a great shot! Moments passed before my friend came in. I showed her the picture. She screamed:” Oh my! this savage squirrel has been out of sight for many days! He must have found another lady who offered him food! I used to feed him peanuts. Whenever he runs out of them, he starts knocking on the back door vigorously! Oh yes! he’s got the nerves!”

I wanted to bump into Mr. B some time again, but he vanished for a period of 3 months!


  • This picture was taken in March 2016.
  • Location: My friend’s backyard, Toledo, Ohio.

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